Make Free Calls To Landlines, Mobile Phones With Vonage App

AT&T launches iPhone app for VoIP international virtual number moscow calls

This couldn’t have come at a better time for me, as I’m taking a quick trip to Canada and would like to keep in touch with Mrs. Cheapskate without paying international voice rates. Nothing beats free! Bonus deal: Calling all baseball junkies! Here’s your chance to get a one-month subscription to MLB.TV for 99 cents . Regular price: $24.99.
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New Android apps worth downloading: Yelo: Cheap Calls Worldwide, Talking Angela, Temple Run 2

AT&T this week joined the VoIP fray with the release of its own application that android app for video calls hopes to offer customers cheaper international calling rates. The company yesterday announced AT&T Call International, a free mobile VoIP app that provides customers with cheap international long distance calling over 3G. Available for iPhone and and selected Android and BlackBerry smartphones, the application was developed by and is operated in collaboration with 8×8 Inc. Calls made using the application while in the U.S. will eat into your minutes and if you plan on using it abroad, you’ll need to first find a WiFi connection. AppleInsider reports that calls made to wireline numbers in China, France, Germany and the UK cost 4c per minute, while Mexico is 8c and India is 9c.
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AT&T Launches VoIP App for Cheap International Calls

When calling wireless numbers, the app bills 21 to 27 cents a minute to call European numbers, while wireless numbers in China and India are priced the same. In addition to working on all iPhones, AT&T’s VoIP app also works on select Android and BlackBerry models (although only iPhones and some Android models can place WiFi calls internationally). The service bills users directly (and separately from their AT&T account), with no contract or minimum calling required. VoIP takes over Historically, VoIP services such as Skype and Vonage have offered to bypass traditional phone networks, offering their users a much cheaper option for placing international calls that use the Internet rather than conventional telephone links. In October of 2009, AT&T announced that it was reconsidering its opposition to VoIP apps allowing smartphone users to place Internet calls over 3G; prior to that, services such as Skype were restricted to only work over WiFi. AT&T president and chief executive Ralph de la Vega stated at the time that “iPhone is an innovative device that dramatically changed the game in wireless when it was introduced just two years ago.
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The Talking apps are pretty simple, and yet highly popular and comical. Talking Angela presents users with an on-screen feline that answers certain questions you can ask her using your devices microphone or keyboard. Angela is also something of a virtual pet, so you can give her gifts, pet her to make her happy, and jab her to make her upset. Angela even responds when you smile or stick out your tongue.
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Rebtel app review: make cheap and free calls and SMS to friends and family anywhere in the world

It was updated on July 12, 2013. User Experience If you prefer to communicate via text, you can also send cheap international SMS to people in more than 150 different countries for around 60 percent cheaper than normal. Your friends and family who use Rebtel can actually exchange calls and text messages with you absolutely free of charge with incredibly high-quality audio. Screenshot 1 Features With this app, you can call anyone from pretty much anywhere in the world; even if they dont have the Rebtel app you can still contact them for up to 98 percent less than you would pay with your current operator. You can easily find friends and family on Rebtel by using the integrated address book in your iOS go!! device, enabling you instantly see which of your friends already use Rebtel; you can invite anyone you like to use the app and benefit from super cheap calls and SMS. Whats more, if your connection drops and the call youre on begins to break up, you can tap the clever Keep Talking button which will transfer the call over to your regular operator network, often at no extra voip cost.
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