Comparing Apple Ios 7’s Control Center With Android

TouchWiz, Optimus, and Sense

Lastly, Control Center lays out the flashlight function, the calculator, and the camera next to the aforementioned clock/alarm feature, all in one neat row. 1-2 of 19 Scroll Left Scroll Right It’d be great if, like Control Center, Android’s Quick Settings included fast access to lock rotation for smartphones. If you’re anything like me, you prefer to keep your handset’s orientation in portrait for the majority of the time. Unfortunately, every time I want to watch a YouTube video (which is often), I have to go into Settings and uncheck the autorotate screen again and again.
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Best music apps for your smartphone (iPhone, Android, or Windows)


If you find that naughty little app, boot it off your phone and reap the rewards. On the GS3: Go to Settings, then Battery. Enable Power Saving Mode This isn’t available on all Android smartphones, but if yours has it, Power Saving mode represents a super-quick way to toggle a bunch of settings that can conserve battery life. On the GS3: Go to Settings, and the Power Saving mode toggle is in between “Motion” virtual phone number italy and “Storage.” You can also individually change the settings, at left. Remove Bloated Widgets You Aren’t Using Also via PCMag: Your phone probably comes pre-loaded with a bunch of widgets that you never use; some of them contain animations and some automatically update throughout the day.
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Best Android Apps Of 2012, Announced By Google, Include android international calling app Pinterest, Pocket And More

It indexes show info from thousands of ticket vendors and venues, so whenever a show is booked, youll be the first to know. Uberhype (free) Uberhype is the mobile version of the The Hype Machine, a fantastic music discovery service that indexes songs based on their popularity on blogs. The more times a particular song is posted on various music blogs across the web, the higher it rises on THMs charts. This unique approach makes it great for music discovery and makes it easy to find great music you wouldnt come across on sites like Pandora or Spotify. Track 8 ($2) For all the time and effort that Apple puts into the design of its products and services, the native iOS music app is pretty primitive and ugly.
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The Week’s Best Android, iPhone, iPad and virtual phone number iphone Windows Phone Apps

[Free] Xbox Music : About bloody timeMicrosoft. Theyve FINALLY released an app for the (surprisingly good) Xbox Music cloud/streaming music service. If you use your Xbox for pretty much everything it offers, youll have subscribed to Xbox music, where you can stream music from the vast catalogue, create playlists and browse Xboxs cloud collection. Unfortunately, you dont have the ability to download tracks for offline listening, but apparently theres an update in the works for that.[Free] Straight 8 : In possibly one of the worst times to think about bringing outa new video app for iOS, considering theres already Instagram and Vine for shorter videos and YouTube Capture for longer videos, Straight 8 comes out. However, theres a possibility Straight 8 could find its niche: It has a focus on clips of up to three minutes, and very much emphasises its choice of filters and decent controls, for the discerning iOS film makers.[Free] AVG PrivacyFix : With all this ruckus recently about online privacy, its no surprise that theInternet security giant AVG is taking advantage of the panic. The new app uses Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, and promises one dashboard that shows you quickly and easily what youre sharing, by helping you manage those settings directly from your iPhone.
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Best Android apps

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(Credit: CBSi) Happy and healthy Calorie Counter : keep track of your eating habits and weight loss, both on your phone and on your PC. Endomondo : this app can help to motivate your exercise regime with accurate virtuelle telefonzentrale GPS tracking of your runs or rides. Sleep as an Droid : don’t let the grammatically incorrect name put you off trying this sleep monitor virtual phone number england app. Calorific Diet Tracker : another option for tracking and managing the calories you eat and those you burn. C25K : our favourite Couch to 5km app for Android. SkyDroid Golf GPS : using your phone’s GPS, SkyDroid best site maps the distance between you and the green using downloaded map data.
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