Best Music Apps For Your Smartphone (iphone, Android, Or Windows)

Android Dominates in Worldwide Smartphone Sales, iSyncr App may be a Resolution for Some Users

Uberhype (free) Uberhype is the mobile version of business telefonanlage the The Hype Machine, a fantastic music discovery service that indexes songs based on their popularity on blogs. The more app free international calls times a particular song is posted on various music blogs across the web, the higher it rises on THMs charts. This unique approach makes it great for music discovery and makes it easy to find great music you wouldnt come across on web link sites like Pandora or Spotify. Track 8 ($2) For all the time and effort that Apple puts into the design of its products and services, the native iOS music app is pretty primitive and ugly. If you want your music browsing/listening to be more intuitive, interactive, and beautiful, then check this app out.
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The app is just one long, running list of notes you’ve taken, black text on a white background. Press the website plus button to add another note and just start typing. You can sort by tags or pin certain notes to the top of the list, but Simplenote is designed to work like Gmail: you want something, you search for it. Search is instant and ongoing, reorganizing your list with every character you type. Everything is kept up to date with Simplenote’s web service, and there are apps for almost every platform that sync with its backend; if you don’t want to sign up, you can just use the app on your phone. Not many options, site internet but that’s mostly a good thing The app is incredibly basic, almost to a fault; you can’t change the sans-serif font, or even the font size.
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8 Free Apps To Make Free Calls On Android

4. Skype Any free calling list is never complete without the ever-ubiquitous Skype . It actually has verb status, with Skyping becoming synonymous to calling over a computer. While it did start its service using computers, mobile has benefited greatly by the many apps the company has released. You can call almost any computer and any phone for free provided they have Skype, and most do since this is almost a requirement for any device.
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Best New Apps: Simplenote for Android

bna simple

Android devices are also considered less expensive to buy and service. When making the switch, one problem past iPhone users have typically run into is moving their iTunes libraries onto their Android devices. Android has more than 850,000 apps available to download, one of which solves the problem of syncing all of users’ music to one device. Recently named to TIME magazine’s 50 best Android apps of 2013, iSyncr for iTunes allows Android users to sync their iTunes media to their Android devices. The brain child of top-developer JRT Studio in Austin, Texas, iSyncr works with a companion desktop download that connects the Android device via USB to sync an iTunes library to an Android system. The desktop software supports features such as album art, the capacity to sync multiple iTunes libraries and sync playlists and activities on the (visit) phone back to the computer.
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The App 100: The World’s Greatest Apps

CardMunch helps you digitize all your paper business cards.

Price: Free CNN’s mobile app lets you stream live TV. It’s a seamless way to stay on top of breaking news. Screenshot CNN’s mobile app is a great combination of video, live events coverage, and breaking news. You can even follow along live and stream the 24-hour news channel if your cable provider supports it. Another neat feature is the iReport portion.
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