Carriers Crack Down On Wireless Tethering App For Android

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Google did not immediately respond to requests for comment. A screenshot of what we saw when trying to download the Wireless Tether app from the Market. If youve rooted your Android phone, using it as an Internet hotspot for your other devices is one of its biggest perks. When nary an Internet-enabled cafe is nearby, apps like Wireless Tether allow you to use your phones 4G, 3G or 2G data connection to access the Web from another connected (or tethered) device, like your laptop or WiFi-only tablet. review The best part: you bypass the monthly fee that most carriers charge for wireless tethering on devices (the standard monthly charge for wireless tethering across the big four US carriers is $30).
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Vonage Mobile Adds Free Video Calls to iOS, Android App

September 10, 2013 3:51 AM EDT | technology , If you have been using the Roku player for some time now and you think it lacks one important feature, then this update would certainly be good news for you. Following the update for Roku’s app on iOS a month ago, it is now time for the Play Store to get its updated version. In this latest update,, the Roku app will be able to play any videos stored on the user’s phone. However, there are just a few chosen models which can get this feature. Included in the changelog is the support for recent Android smartphones such as Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and S4, Nexus 4, HTC One, and the Nexus 7 (2012). In order to successfully play videos from your phone to the Roku player, the phone should be at least equipped with Android 4.0. Similar to iOS, your Android device should first be paired with a Roku player which runs at least software version 5.1. Still, a Wi-Fi router that supports 802.11N would be the ideal choice for connectivity.
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<h3 virtual phone numbers to receive sms style=”clear:both”>3 Android apps for Wi-Fi calling with Google Voice

Plus, caller ID recognizes a user’s telefonanlagen münchen actual phone number. When calling internationally to friends who don’t have the app, rates, according to Vonage, are approximately 70 percent less than the mobile go to website carriers charge and 30 percent less than on Skype. Still another detail it likes to laud over Skype is that when adding credit to an accountusers can purchase packages of $4.99, $9.99, $14.99 and $19.99users don’t have to leave the Vonage app. They can add credit through iTunes or a Google Play account from inside the app (whereas Skype takes you out of the app to send you to its Website). In October 2011, Microsoft completed its acquisition of Skype for $8.5 billion. This January, Microsoftwith plans to shut down Microsoft Messenger March 15 announced the integration of Skype into Outlook.
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Android Apps Free Download: New Roku Update Enables Video Playback From Your Phone To Your Roku Player

Phone for Google Voice and GTalk (Credit: Phone for Google Voice and GTalk) Start by installing a copy of Phone for Google Voice and GTalk on your Android device. This version is ad-supported, and unfortunately, at the present time there is no paid version to remove ads. When you open the app, you’ll be prompted to log-in with your Google account details. To make a call: tap on the round button labeled Keypad and app for international calls dial a number. You can also choose from Contacts if you don’t know the number by heart.
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8 Free Apps To Make Free Calls On Android

If you have Froyo on your phone, you can initiate calls (make sure you install the plugin above) and even video calls from their app. On top of that, Yahoo can send free international SMS, chat with FB friends and more. 9. ooVoo An eagle-eyed commenter pointed out this app. It sets itself apart by giving you 6-way video calling over 3G or 4G (not free) and group video chatting (free). ooVoo , like other apps, is free and hands out free calls to best site other users.
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